Saturday, June 22, 2013

Adventures in film photography

     I have already shared my new-found appreciation and love for Munich as a place and all the people that we have left there, but seeing these film pictures made me feel it even more!
    I have missed film photography. The fact that each picture is unique and a bit out of control is indeed thrilling.
    Here are some pictures I randomly took in the 4 days I have spent with friends and loved ones, how else if not outside, enjoying the beautiful summer nights!


Anonymous said...

Nice! I love the pic with the homeless guy and the dog! You make me want to buy those disposable cameras too!

toytulip said...

I loved that one too ...especially since I took it form elbow level, without even looking into the camera! :D

Disposable cameras can be found at Müller for around 5€...

I printed/scanned mine at the Photo Express at the 4th floor of Galleria Kaufhof in Marienplatz!

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