Wednesday, July 17, 2013


     Yup...that is how our little home looked like, not so long ago. Now, there is nothing in the abnormal here, as it make sense to have a lot of mess and sorting out to do when moving. Especially when the moving happens from one country to another...

     BUT...Here we are, a month later, still unfinished... I have been very excited and enthusiastic about the whole furniture renewal and decorating part, but, as it seems, it was only in theory.

    We have all of our major furniture pieces and my kitchen is overly fully equipped,  a great TV set, all of our bits and pieces from our previous location, but the house is still not a home. Not due to lack of ideas, mind you... I have plenty of ideas, which are all my own, already purchased some of the DIY materials and my husband supports me 100% in all of my decorating endeavors. But my motivation has left me never to be seen again... I get up every day and just don't feel like getting to it...which is ridiculous! (Well, not as ridiculous as publicly acknowledging that I am lazy)

     Long story short, I am seriously hoping that this post will make for a decent callback to my motivation.

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