Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pinterest & Interest

     Pinterest is such an amazing tool... No, I am not all that new to it, but I have recently rediscovered the joy of being only one click away from all that beauty and inspiration... It is also really great way to get to know people a little bit better... I do believe that the boards and pins one has, are a good reflection on their personality. As far as I am concerned, I think my boards speak clearly of a few of my passions: travel, photography, food, flowers and more recently an increasing interest in style and trends. Of course I would add music to that list as well...

     Some time ago I would have never known the specific answer to what interests me. What are my hobbies? I always thought that my lifestyle is simply bland-er than other people's and I was never 'into' anything in particular. But that really wasn't ever true. It's just that I found my passions ordinary and kept looking up comparing to other people, whose hobbies seemed more appealing than mine.

    Now, on the other hand, I can tell you straight up what are the things that I enjoy doing the most and I am no longer comparing to anyone. I have decided to focus on the things that I can do best, or am learning and improving constantly.

      I love cooking and boy, can I cook!  I mostly love cooking for other people. It took a while to see that food doesn't have to be extremely complicated or fancy to be a hobby-worthy thing. I try to cook even the simplest, healthiest recipes with a lot of heart, flavor and a bit of esthetic sense... And they usually turn out delicious!

    Photography is another thing I am passionate about. It was always something that I used to do, more than others of my friends or family, but it wasn't until much later that I realized that it was something worth investing in. I have a long way to go until I can call myself a professional photographer (especially by my standards - we are working on that), but it's something that makes me happy and motivates me  into seeing, if that makes any sense. I see photographs around me, a lot. And the thought that I wish I had my camera along, occurs pretty much every single time I don't.

     Traveling...need I say more? I am absolutely in love with what this planet of ours has to offer! There are practically no locations in the world that I would refuse to go to, if I had the chance. And I learned that sometimes, you have to work on creating that chance. I have been to quite a few places in my life, not sure if it is more or less than other people. But it doesn't even matter...

     Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Morocco, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Maldives and numerous spots in my beautiful home country, Romania. Enough? Definitely not! I love all of the extraordinary places I have visited and am excited for whatever comes next... Africa? Thailand? The islands of Seychelles? Greece? Portugal? South of France? A tour of Italy? Back to beautiful Romania? Sure! I will not say no to anything!

     Flowers are simply stunning! I want them all! Flowers can make such statements...they can be suave, delicate and tiny, bright and cheerful, romantic, fragrant and classy, exotic and fabulous, flowers can say a lot of different things!
     Most importantly, they bring smiles and they can freshen up a room up like nobodies business!
     That is why I am a bit sad, since here in Abu Dhabi there seem to be less places to acquire beautifully scented blooms, or at least I haven't found the right ones just yet!

     Music is power. That is what I think. It accompanies us throughout our entire lives and ties itself to different events and happenings, becoming part of the memory we end up carrying on. Sometimes, music is an experience all on it's own. It can uplift and inspire, as well as provoke or sadden. Music can be related to pretty much any feeling or situation existing on the face of the Earth. We are driven by sounds, beats, tones and lyrics... I am happy and extremely thankful that God has given me the gift of hearing, so that I can take it all in and make it a part of my life too.

     Fashion is something that has only recently sparked my interest. Of course, I didn't wander around naked until now, nor did I want to look like crap in our terribly superficial society (not generalizing here folks), but I wasn't really into putting together all the bits and pieces.

     I never cared so much where my clothes were coming were these fabrics made and who dreamed these beautiful colors and all the different shades...what about all these did they end up on my shirt...and who decided that wearing heels is sexy (must admit that sometimes I really wish that person didn't come to existence)?

     It took time and the encounter of some people with a strong passion for fashion(see what I did there?), for me to really start understanding the immense industry that fashion is, with it's goods and bads.

     Being fashionable and trendy takes courage, knowledge and somewhat of a sixth sense. Some people have it and some just don't. Some of the people that I think most definitely have it are Ana Morodan of High Street Cardigans, Karla Deras of Karla's Closet, Maritsa, Doina Ciobanu of The Golden Diamonds and Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies...surely there are much more style providers and fashion guru's out there, but these are some that I am really happy to follow and totally excite my eyes!

     Now, don't you go thinking I'll become the next Marylin Monroe, but I think it's safe to say that I am starting to develop some sense of style of my own and try to think a little more before throwing things on. There is a lot of hard work, dedication, creativity, talent and curating going on behind every piece of clothing, no matter the brand. Fashion definitely deserves more respect!

     OK, then. Glad we have that out in the open now and everyone can see what a talented little cookie I am! ;)

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