Monday, August 5, 2013

Perfect things in life... 1.

     I sometimes get the realization that there are so many things we simply take for granted... things that we see, have, own, things that we do, capabilities that set us in front of the pack, things that we enjoy and things that are on their way to becoming things that we have, do or own... too much rambling?

     ...I thought so... To put everything in a little perspective, I have decide to make a regular post, each week, taking a good look around me and appreciating all of those things that exist in my life to make it beautiful, the little joys, worth every single second. I figured it's a great exercise of positivity and must be a nice keepsake to go back to later...

     No, it is not by any means a revolutionary idea for blog-posting. I have taken inspiration from Red Magazine and the lovely Rosie from Cider with Rosie, who has been compiling her '10 things' lists for all of us to enjoy.

     So here is my very first 'Perfect things in life...' post (in no particular order or relevance).

  1. Having a close family, although mine is far from being perfect, I have witnessed  a few examples of amazing family relationships, as they should be...
  2. Knowing that you have found your soul-mate, it's definitely highest on my list of things that deserve full appreciation.
  3. Water (for all purposes)
  4. Books
  5. Traveling 
  6. A freshly done mani/pedi
  7. Great picnics - what would summer be without them?!
  8. A cold glass of white wine after a long, sweaty day...or any day!
  9. Old friends, sharing old stories
  10. Balloons - they make everyone happy!

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