Thursday, August 1, 2013

This month...

...came by extremely fast! How come it's August already?  :o

...I want to:
  • Start taking Arabic courses
  • Finish decorating our apartment, make it a home
  • Keep taking vitamins regularly
  • Start working out at the gym
  • Meet new people
  • Buy some plants
  • Clean up our balcony (boy, is it dusty out there)
  • Plan a nice birthday for my husband
  • Paint / print out some form of art for our kitchen wall
  • Get my UAE driver's license
  • Take better pictures


Anonymous said...

Maybe when you get crafty for the apartment you can sell some things at Etsy and we, the more lazy ones, can benefit and buy cool stuff from you ;-)

toytulip said...

hehehe...I think I am still far away from creating anything worth selling... But I will soon share my little deco endeavors... :)

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