Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Music for the soul

Last weekend

     Last weekend was kind of weird. Sounded great in theory, but then PMS showed up and ruined it for all of us. Man, there is nothing worst than a hormonal woman in that time of the month...and that is coming from me, let's leave my poor husband out of this discussion...

     That is sooo not how I wanted to start off this post, but things are what they are... :D

     So, fish market! Yes! We've been there. We've also been to the flower market. They proved to be interesting and fruitful, since we came home with both fresh fish (shrimps, to be more precise) and a couple of plants.

     There have also been failed attempts to go to the Ferarri World and the Zoo, but as I said, PMS got in the way of those plans, so I don't have anything else to show you for last weekend.

     Things are, however, feeling better now, so we'll probably go to the Zoo the next possible weekend!

     Come to think of it, I did get irrationally angry today cos someone took my designated resident's parking spot, so maybe we'll wait another day till we declare the complete clearance of PMS!

     Too much info? Well, here are some snaps from said weekend, to erase that from your memory! :D

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stock list, September, 2013

 Making : a few lifestyle changes
Cooking : fresh fish
Drinking : white wine-finally! ...and Pepsi (oops!)
Reading: Never mind the Balkans, here's Romania by Mike Ormsby
Wanting: to do more with my free time
Looking: forward to working out
Playing: John Legend and Major Lazer
Wasting: food... we never get to eat all the contents of our fridge...
Fixing: stuff around the house
Deciding: always together with my husband
Wishing: vacation time would happen more often
Enjoying: the most decadent chocolate cake at our favorite restaurant
Waiting: for my work permit to clear out so I can start my new job
Liking: to be home
Wondering: how do people keep their house clean all the time...
Loving: my husband, who is the best-est!
Pondering: the significance of certain things happening at specific times...
Considering: cutting my hair
Watching: ER and boats passing outside our window
Hoping: we'll stay healthy
Marveling: at the way things are being built in the UAE
Needing: more hours in the day
Smelling: the vanilla scent in my new car
Wearing: high heels... (ouch!)
Following: some really awesome blogs
Noticing: that I miss the weirdest things about Germany, like the cold air through a window...
Knowing: that we'll be heading to Europe soon (December is soon, right?)
Thinking: about Christmas gifts for loved ones (trying to get a head-start this year)
Feeling: fat. Got to get to the gym!
Admiring: A lot of amazing bloggers
Buying: too much of everything
Getting: a mani/pedi every week
Bookmarking: cool places to go salsa dancing
Opening: another can of Pepsi...
Giggling: with my husband, he always manages to get smiles out of me!
Feeling: sad to be so far from our families and friends.

source: meetmeatmikes.com

To do's that never get done...

      There are so many talented people in the world... Now I happend to believe that the meaning of 'talent' got broader and broader as people evolved, moved and mixed with other people and society slowly turns into one big melting pot of influences from pretty much everywhere. Don't say that isn't happening, I mean, I am a Romanian, named Husein, married to a German/Jordanian, who lives in Abu Dhabi... that is just to give a short example. Don't get me started with the rest of our family...

     So...where were we? Melting pot...yes! :D

     I have a lot of admiration for people with talents. People who can do things that I don't or didn't even try to... People who can write well and catch you in their stories, people that can craft and showcase amazing, unique products made with their own hands, people that can do make-up like pros or fix their hair really nicely on a whim, people who have a true sense of what is cool (I believe that to be quite an interesting talent), people that create images of all kind, people that model really beautiful, passionate lives.

     Well... I am a rather lazy person and I believe that to be my most awful and crippling flaw. In relation to 'talents' this is translated into the fact that I never pursued anything wholeheartedly, even though I have tried or practiced quite a couple of things. I dipped my fingers into painting, sewing, theater, violin playing,  choir, aerobic dancing, tennis, guitar playing and who can even remember what other things have crossed my mind. So far the only things I seemed to be really talented at, were daydreaming and social drinking, but those don't really count, now do they?

     Photography is one thing that I got started with and am happy to say that my interest is only growing (as does my frustration that I am still mostly using the auto settings). As confirmed by my husband, I am also pretty talented in learning foreign languages, which I must say, comes easier to me than other people I've met. This is where we'll leave it at etc.

     Since I have mentioned what an excellent day-dreamer I am, here are a few things that have been scribbled on hundreds of to-do lists, then copied and recopied since the beginning of time, but were never acted upon...

  • drawing & painting, for me, because i know it would make me happy
  • decorating, I wish people looked at my home and thought it was cool, but I am not sure that is  the case...(I love our home, so I guess that's the most important thing, right?)
  • be a better writer, as in express myself easier
  • bake and only have sweets that I made myself
  •  learn to do my make-up properly
  • learn to arrange my hair somehow other than a bun...(anyone else have this issue? :D)
  • photograph people
  • stick to some form of fitness regime
  •  know how to better wear clothes
  • read, cos books really hold the answers of the Universe
  • plant a garden, even a small one...


Thursday, September 12, 2013


 We miss these guys like crazy! Can't wait for November when they'll come visit!
 The Bougainvillea plant is one of the new things that i get to experience and love since living in the UAE!
 This made my day! We were on the highway in Dubai, but the wood is Romanian! Ha!
 We happily celebrated my husband's birthday with a couple of friends!
 Although it may not look like much, this roasted chicken with potatoes and grapes was awesome! Just wish I hadn't forgot to put in the apple slices as well...
 Cute little friend we've made in Hatta!
 It wouldn't be a vacation without a jumping picture! :D
 Although I have slowed down a lot, I am still trying to keep juices as a part of my diet!
 ...and alcohol! This is something I really struggle to keep in my diet! hahaha!
I have had this guacamole-mozzarella combo every day in the past 3 days...and counting!

Vacation - Ras al Khaimah

     We arrived later in the day to Ras al Khaimah. The road from Hatta was stunning! We crossed various geographic formations, from mountain peaks, to fields, to desert areas, all the way till the Arabia sea!

     We encountered mild problems, due to the fact that our GPS batery was running low and we had no possibility of charging it on the go, but we still decided to go into the city of Ras al Khaimah, before heading to our hotel.

     The town is bigger than I thought it would be and there were a couple of nice bridges and sky-high buildings on the horizon, but otherwise, it didn't impress. There seemed to be a lot of  construction sites all over the place, so we aborted the idea of seeing more of the city itself and headed out towards Al Hamra Fort Hotel and Resort.

     As we got nearer and nearer we could see this amazing palace-like building, also a hotel, who seemed just a bit over the top luxurious and we got excited and freaked out that it may be the place we booked into, but it wasn't. Our hotel was crammed up right next to the gorgeous hotel, Waldorf Astoria. Our hotel (belonging to the Hilton chain), was comprised of a number of villas with independent rooms and suites. Check-in was smooth, the room looked very nice and overlooked the aforementioned wonderful Waldorf Astoria, which was nice as well.

     We weren't bothered by the fact that our building seemed to be under construction and our bathroom still had traces from the negligent workers, since it was only for one night and we've had such a relaxing time until then.

     Off we went in search for dinner. Let me put it this way... for the price we've payed and the association to the Hilton Hotels chain, it was extremely disappointing.

     The only viable option would have been the buffet dinner, which we really didn't want to have. Then there was some sort of Lebanese restaurant which was completely empty and us entering the premises didn't seemed to spark anyone's interest. Then we went past the pool (which looked lovely btw, nicely lit and surrounded by lush vegetation) to what was supposed to be 'the international' restaurant.
     Well, it was international alright, if you count the 3 Filipino girls performing screaming live and waving at us as we entered. Also add a couple of German-looking (maybe British) guys having some draft beers. You can get the idea, the place looked like a summer camp fast-food.

     I was sweaty, tired, frustrated and annoyed by this point, so I may or may not have forced my husband into changing his shorts for long pants and headed out towards the gorgeous neighboring hotel.

     It seemed magical! Never in my life had I  seen so many lights on a building. The main entrance was grand and the reception area oozed luxury, from the costumes of the receptionists to the vases full of calla-lilies, to the glass mosaics on the walls, to the furniture pieces scattered here and there in the vast space...

    Now THAT is what I call a place worthy of the UAE standards and fame...(by now you can feel free to call me a snob). Our dinner was fantastic!

     After the return to our room, we cuddled up in our beds for a well deserved sleep, when we suddenly realized...the works were still going on downstairs, at 11 o'clock!
Again, keeping in mind that we were only going to spend one night over there, we decided to ignore them. The problem was that our workers were still banging and drumming downstairs at around 1 in the morning. That is when I decided to take matters into my own hands and sleepily yelled at the receptionist about disrespecting their guests in such a terrible manner! The workers stopped soon after and we could resume our sleep.

     It was quite obvious, in the light of day, that the entire place was in heavy renovations, there were workers moving furniture, carrying construction materials, cutting up dried trees, flower bushes needed tending, all the works. I guess that is what you get for visiting a place before touristic season begins.
     Breakfast was a buffet with plenty of choice, although the juices were the concentrate-kind, but we were determined to skip any inconveniences and have a nice couple of hours at the beach.

    Which we did! Their beach was a very isolated and relaxing spot. The sun was still a bit strong, so after one hour we headed back inside, took a shower, packed and hit the road towards Dubai.

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