Thursday, September 12, 2013


 We miss these guys like crazy! Can't wait for November when they'll come visit!
 The Bougainvillea plant is one of the new things that i get to experience and love since living in the UAE!
 This made my day! We were on the highway in Dubai, but the wood is Romanian! Ha!
 We happily celebrated my husband's birthday with a couple of friends!
 Although it may not look like much, this roasted chicken with potatoes and grapes was awesome! Just wish I hadn't forgot to put in the apple slices as well...
 Cute little friend we've made in Hatta!
 It wouldn't be a vacation without a jumping picture! :D
 Although I have slowed down a lot, I am still trying to keep juices as a part of my diet!
 ...and alcohol! This is something I really struggle to keep in my diet! hahaha!
I have had this guacamole-mozzarella combo every day in the past 3 days...and counting!

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