Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Last weekend

     Last weekend was kind of weird. Sounded great in theory, but then PMS showed up and ruined it for all of us. Man, there is nothing worst than a hormonal woman in that time of the month...and that is coming from me, let's leave my poor husband out of this discussion...

     That is sooo not how I wanted to start off this post, but things are what they are... :D

     So, fish market! Yes! We've been there. We've also been to the flower market. They proved to be interesting and fruitful, since we came home with both fresh fish (shrimps, to be more precise) and a couple of plants.

     There have also been failed attempts to go to the Ferarri World and the Zoo, but as I said, PMS got in the way of those plans, so I don't have anything else to show you for last weekend.

     Things are, however, feeling better now, so we'll probably go to the Zoo the next possible weekend!

     Come to think of it, I did get irrationally angry today cos someone took my designated resident's parking spot, so maybe we'll wait another day till we declare the complete clearance of PMS!

     Too much info? Well, here are some snaps from said weekend, to erase that from your memory! :D

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