Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stock list, September, 2013

 Making : a few lifestyle changes
Cooking : fresh fish
Drinking : white wine-finally! ...and Pepsi (oops!)
Reading: Never mind the Balkans, here's Romania by Mike Ormsby
Wanting: to do more with my free time
Looking: forward to working out
Playing: John Legend and Major Lazer
Wasting: food... we never get to eat all the contents of our fridge...
Fixing: stuff around the house
Deciding: always together with my husband
Wishing: vacation time would happen more often
Enjoying: the most decadent chocolate cake at our favorite restaurant
Waiting: for my work permit to clear out so I can start my new job
Liking: to be home
Wondering: how do people keep their house clean all the time...
Loving: my husband, who is the best-est!
Pondering: the significance of certain things happening at specific times...
Considering: cutting my hair
Watching: ER and boats passing outside our window
Hoping: we'll stay healthy
Marveling: at the way things are being built in the UAE
Needing: more hours in the day
Smelling: the vanilla scent in my new car
Wearing: high heels... (ouch!)
Following: some really awesome blogs
Noticing: that I miss the weirdest things about Germany, like the cold air through a window...
Knowing: that we'll be heading to Europe soon (December is soon, right?)
Thinking: about Christmas gifts for loved ones (trying to get a head-start this year)
Feeling: fat. Got to get to the gym!
Admiring: A lot of amazing bloggers
Buying: too much of everything
Getting: a mani/pedi every week
Bookmarking: cool places to go salsa dancing
Opening: another can of Pepsi...
Giggling: with my husband, he always manages to get smiles out of me!
Feeling: sad to be so far from our families and friends.


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