Sunday, September 1, 2013

This month... going to be awesome!

...I want to:
  • Drive my brand new car  :D  (photos coming soon)
  • Start work! (yup-you got that right!)
  • Start drawing/painting (even if I am bad at it...)
  • Go salsa dancing both in Abu Dhabi & Dubai
  • Start language curses (Arabic & Spanish or Italian)
  • Finish decorating our apartment (I am sure taking my time)
  • Work out (for real this time, gym, squash, zumba)
  • Invite someone over at our place
  •  Read more
  • Go to the beach in Abu Dhabi


Rachel said...

I'm quite looking forward to autumn too actually :-D Congrats on the job!

toytulip said...

Thank you Rachel! ;) Have a great autumnal season! :) We are just starting with the good weather here in Abu Dhabi, now that scorching heat is slowly leaving us to more reasonable temperatures!

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