Saturday, September 21, 2013

To do's that never get done...

      There are so many talented people in the world... Now I happend to believe that the meaning of 'talent' got broader and broader as people evolved, moved and mixed with other people and society slowly turns into one big melting pot of influences from pretty much everywhere. Don't say that isn't happening, I mean, I am a Romanian, named Husein, married to a German/Jordanian, who lives in Abu Dhabi... that is just to give a short example. Don't get me started with the rest of our family...

     So...where were we? Melting pot...yes! :D

     I have a lot of admiration for people with talents. People who can do things that I don't or didn't even try to... People who can write well and catch you in their stories, people that can craft and showcase amazing, unique products made with their own hands, people that can do make-up like pros or fix their hair really nicely on a whim, people who have a true sense of what is cool (I believe that to be quite an interesting talent), people that create images of all kind, people that model really beautiful, passionate lives.

     Well... I am a rather lazy person and I believe that to be my most awful and crippling flaw. In relation to 'talents' this is translated into the fact that I never pursued anything wholeheartedly, even though I have tried or practiced quite a couple of things. I dipped my fingers into painting, sewing, theater, violin playing,  choir, aerobic dancing, tennis, guitar playing and who can even remember what other things have crossed my mind. So far the only things I seemed to be really talented at, were daydreaming and social drinking, but those don't really count, now do they?

     Photography is one thing that I got started with and am happy to say that my interest is only growing (as does my frustration that I am still mostly using the auto settings). As confirmed by my husband, I am also pretty talented in learning foreign languages, which I must say, comes easier to me than other people I've met. This is where we'll leave it at etc.

     Since I have mentioned what an excellent day-dreamer I am, here are a few things that have been scribbled on hundreds of to-do lists, then copied and recopied since the beginning of time, but were never acted upon...

  • drawing & painting, for me, because i know it would make me happy
  • decorating, I wish people looked at my home and thought it was cool, but I am not sure that is  the case...(I love our home, so I guess that's the most important thing, right?)
  • be a better writer, as in express myself easier
  • bake and only have sweets that I made myself
  •  learn to do my make-up properly
  • learn to arrange my hair somehow other than a bun...(anyone else have this issue? :D)
  • photograph people
  • stick to some form of fitness regime
  •  know how to better wear clothes
  • read, cos books really hold the answers of the Universe
  • plant a garden, even a small one...


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