Friday, September 6, 2013

Vacation - Jabal Hafeet

    We have been trying out various options for a vacation around this period, but we concluded that the best choice would be to explore our surroundings, since we are new to Abu Dhabi. It was decided (rather spontaneously) that we would try to reach a few points (on the map), each for one night, to get a feel of the area, with a promise to re-visit the places we enjoy most. Let me just say it was the best idea we could have had!

     Our choices were Jabal Hafeet (Al Ain) - Hatta - Ras al Khaima - Dubai. They are all within 1-200km of each other, so that was quite practical for what we had in mind. A road trip with some really lovely pit-stops along the way.

     We booked all of our hotels a couple of days before, without doing much previous research. (from what I've noticed, there isn't much you can go wrong in the UAE, since mostly every touristic place has luxurious hotels and services)

     It all matched well with my husband's birthday on the 26th, so that is when we packed a few necessities and hit the highway towards Al Ain, our first destination.

    We booked the Mercure Grand Jabal Hafeet and unknowingly stumbled upon a great little gem. Got there at night time and as we followed our GPS, we couldn't help but wonder if that awesome lit, winding road would be really where we are heading. And it was! We were as excited as kids!
    The road goes up 1200m on a 11.7km lenght, offering an exciting, curvy ride!

     At the top was the Mercure Hotel, which looks as impressive as it's location is. It is designed in such way that all of it's rooms are facing the sides of the mountain for everyone to enjoy the stunning views, weather by day or night. Everything is very well groomed (although the season hasn't began yet), it has all the basic amenities, the rooms are big (probably the biggest bed I've ever slept in), pool and terraces are a thrill...but I would imagine it can get kind of boring if someone were to remain on the premises for a longer period of time. Surely, there are plenty of things to do in the area around the Jabal Hafeet mountain, like visiting the Al Ain Zoo, some hiking/biking trails, zip lining, etc.

     We weren't prepared for any adventurous activities so we simply relaxed by the pool, admired the stunning views and relaxed!

     Then off we went to our next check-point, Hatta.

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