Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Germany - Part 1 (duuuuh!)

     Since my job in Dubai didn't really work out, I have found myself, again, with a ton of time on my hands. Of course, I always have things to do, decorate our apartment, start Arabic courses, start doing something about my photography, go to the gym, etc. But the motivation is not always where it should be.

     My husband had a few days off for Eid and was supposed to go to Munich on a business trip right after that, so after debating whether we should fly to Thailand or Malaysia for a couple of days which made no sense at all since they are still far away for such a short period of time, we thought...why not just go to Munich together!

     Sold! We booked our flights right away and decided to tell no one! I hope It was a very nice surprise for our Nina and Ismael to answer their doors and see us there...

     I thought it was a good idea, but now that we are already back to Abu Dhabi, I can tell was a great one!  :D

     We went in the best possible time...Autumn was there in all it's splendor, the weather was warm enough, skies were was the best and I thought I am never going to get enough of it!

     Sorry for the photo-heaviness! There is still more to come! I took more than 1000 photos over the two weeks we were there and that is without picking up the camera every day....
     It was just beautiful! The fall season, family, the familiar places and reuniting with all of our friends in Munich, it was all exactly the kind of pick-me-up we needed!
     Now we can go back to enjoying the warm Abu Dhabi weather and all of the things that make life beautiful here!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Perfect things in life 3

1.  Tea.Tea.Tea!
2.  Re-uniting with family and friends after being apart for some time. It feels good seeing their smiling faces!
3.  A gorgeous, golden sunrise...(because it's somehow more special than sunsets)
4.  Being on first name basis with the waiters and owners of your favorite spots.
5.  Knowing exactly what gifts to give for Christmas...3 months in advance!
6.  Interacting with other blogger friends. The blogosphere is a truly wonderful land, where one can meet pretty amazing, like-minded people.
7.  Roses! For some reason (probably because they have been over-commercialized), I have stopped appreciating them. Not anymore!
8.  Delicious food is more delicious when other people lovingly prepare it for you!
9.  Costume/themed parties! What is life without getting to fool around sometimes...
10.Autumn in Germany! What a glorious season! (photos coming soon)   :)

Music for the soul

.....Because sometimes, I just wish I were a teenager all over again.....

Monday, October 21, 2013

Adventures in film photography

 I love the light and spots in these two pictures...

 Praising the sun! :D
 Being silly ;)
 Balloons make me really happy!

 Still in love with this view...

 Beer is good enough reason to be excited! is fresh bread!

 In Hatta
Being silly some more! :D

Adventures in film photography

     Here I am continuing my fascination with disposable cameras... I still have to work on my patience, as I am usually going through them too fast and end up having very similar photos on one film.

     Part 2 coming soon! 

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