Sunday, October 13, 2013

A lovely change of plans

     Here we were, thinking we are going to have a low-key weekend day, breakfast, maybe some laundry, some house organizing, a trip to the grocery store...when we got a message from our friends Mary and Marcel, that they have missed their connection flight back to Munich and are stuck in Dubai for one night!

     Yuhuuuu for us! We got so excited about getting to see them, that we couldn't get out the door fast enough!

     When we left Munich to move to Abu Dhabi, our good friends back home gave us one very thoughtful gift. An empty photo album to fill out with pictures of our visitors and experiences here in Abu Dhabi! As it turns out, even if they didn't exactly visited our home, Mary and Marcel are the first to be added in! :D

     So we ended up having a really nice day driving around Dubai, checking out the Downtown area, watched the Dubai Fountain show and had a wonderful dinner at Khan Murjan (which we highly recommend for the authentic arabic atmosphere and awesome food).

     And that, my friends, is how a very ordinary day got transformed into something memorable! :D
 Yeeeey! :D
 Atlantis the Palm
 Having a dates tasting :)

 Dubai skyline


 Being all touristy at the Dubai Fountain

 Please ignore the plastic bottle, the tea lady was supposed to be the focus! :D
One word: crazy-delicious!

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