Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Emirates Park Zoo (Part 1)

     Zoo's as well as circuses, usually cause me some conflicting feelings. On one side, I am perfectly aware that those animals do not belong in cages as a means for entertainment...on the other, there are a lot of animals who may be endangered out in the wild, hunted down or unable to adapt to the ever-changing nature... Point is, as long as Zoo's exist, I say we should pay that ticket and help them support and feed all their animals.

     Another thing is that I am happier than any child whenever I get to see the monkeys and the giraffes, but this time, even the cows and goats got me all giddy!

     Which cows, you say? Well... At the Emirates Park Zoo, they have cows and goats and chicken and ducks and pigeons...lots of pigeons. It only makes sense, considering the weather conditions here and, well,  the lack of grass (!), that the only place for a lot of the children to see how a cow looks like, would be at the zoo.

     The great thing about it is that you can also interact with some of the species, feed them, pet them and help out with their care.

     The Zoo was more than I have expected and though some could use a little more space, all the animals looked happy and healthy.


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