Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Last weekend (part 1)

     ...I think I should hurry on with this post before next weekend will be upon me!

     My husband and I made sort of a silent pact, that we would try to explore and be as active as possible during weekends, because we are young and free and well, life is not meant to be spent on the couch! :)

     So last weekend was full of little trips around Abu Dhabi. We had breakfast at Nolu's, which is definitely a favorite place for us to go, then we made some appointments for the upcoming week, checked out travel agencies' offers for the Eid Holiday next week (we are spontaneous like that), almost caught a beautiful sunset on the Corniche and passed by the October Bazaar, organized at the Sheraton Hotel.

     The advertisement said the market sells handcrafted products, accessories, toys, household items and more, but I was a bit disappointed  that there weren't more authentic stuff to be found. The concept is good though!

      Some of the things that I thought were pretty nice, were the accessories found at Risba,  they must have had the most colorful stand in the entire room, with tunics and scarfs in the most vibrant colors. Then there was the stand of Ola Kamal, which had really beautiful hand crafted bracelets, candles and ceramic plates. Another stand that drew my attention was that from Fil-UpCycling-Initiatives, which is an organization that promotes recycling and a cleaner environment in the Philippines. They sell bags made out of candy or chocolate wraps, necklaces made out of pull tabs (the little ring on top of the Pepsi can, yes, I googled!), amongst other accessories. I always thought this kind of things were pretty interesting!

     There were also stands that sold jewelry, toys, printed products, clothes, etc.

     I was happy we went and checked it out, as it was my very first interaction as a blogger with some of the sales people there!

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