Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Last weekend (part 2)

     As I saw fit to dedicate a whole post to my little visit at the October Bazaar last weekend, here is part 2, with some nice images to show you just how beautiful Abu Dhabi is (in case you weren't convinced yet)!
      We are so grateful and full of joy over the opportunity to live here and add it to our list of life experiences. We have been here since May, so we are past the accommodation phase, but in the same time still have so much to see and discover about our new home. That's right. It finally feels like it's  home!

   This city never seizes to steal my admiration
We literally jumped out of our car to try and catch this stunning sunset, but until we paid the parking ticket, the round ball of fire has already dipped into the water...still pretty!
 This little guy...
 ...and his friend.
 There are some really nice bicycle lanes all along the Corniche
 I absolutely love this mosque hidden among the skyscrapers, near the Central Souk
 Dinner at Tarbouche al Basha is the best!
 We got to pass by the Formula 1 tracks...cos we are cool like that!
A little postcard.


LifeofNinul said...

hey, we did not have internet the last days... germany and technology you know ) what i wanted to say is that i'm getting more and more excited about our upcoming trip. Keep on posting those beautiful pictures!

toytulip said...

We are really looking forward to you guys coming here! We have so many plans! Can't wait! :D

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