Friday, October 25, 2013

Perfect things in life 3

1.  Tea.Tea.Tea!
2.  Re-uniting with family and friends after being apart for some time. It feels good seeing their smiling faces!
3.  A gorgeous, golden sunrise...(because it's somehow more special than sunsets)
4.  Being on first name basis with the waiters and owners of your favorite spots.
5.  Knowing exactly what gifts to give for Christmas...3 months in advance!
6.  Interacting with other blogger friends. The blogosphere is a truly wonderful land, where one can meet pretty amazing, like-minded people.
7.  Roses! For some reason (probably because they have been over-commercialized), I have stopped appreciating them. Not anymore!
8.  Delicious food is more delicious when other people lovingly prepare it for you!
9.  Costume/themed parties! What is life without getting to fool around sometimes...
10.Autumn in Germany! What a glorious season! (photos coming soon)   :)

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