Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This month...

...I want to...
  • Start my language courses (Arabic and Spanish)
  • Keep reading, as I have rediscover this pleasure the past month
  • Dare to make some new friends
  • Paint / draw or print some sort of art for our kitchen wall
  • Get my hair done, it needs a little love
  •  Truly enjoy the amazing weather we are blessed with here in Abu Dhabi
  • Keep in touch with old friends / send some postcards
  • Clean up our balcony, it can get really dusty out there...
  • Work out, there are no excuses!
  • Go out of the city somewhere
  •  Put together a little cacti / succulent planter
  • Be more purposeful when taking pictures
  • Remember more often to be grateful for everything that I have!

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