Saturday, November 30, 2013

Liwa Desert

     Now that was fun! Definitely something anyone visiting the desert must do!
We booked a 4x4 car with a very nice driver, who took our adrenaline to a higher level, riding the dunes and bashing into the sand... We insisted on doing a bit of sand boarding, which wasn't all that great, especially on the way up... Walking/climbing fine sand is haaard work!
     We also visited a camel farm, which was pretty much awesome, as those are some seriously fascinating animals! :D


     Although 'waking up early' was the major fail of the entire vacation, we actually stuck to it when we wanted to catch the sunrise in the desert. So up we hour before the actual sunrise, in our bath robes, looking like ghosts in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by foggy mist. It wasn't the best sunrise I have ever witnessed, but it was special and I sure am happy I didn't miss it. Here is the photographic evidence of the entire thing. After that we went back to bed! :D  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tilal Liwa Hotel + Camel riding


      Soooo... Carrying on with our 2 week vacation schedule, we have arrived to Liwa Desert!

We really wanted to show Nina & Ismael how things look like once you leave the glitzy skyscraper area of Abu Dhabi and that could only mean one thing: ROAD-TRIP!!!

     Originally we intended to go further away, to Oman, but due to Visa issues (Oman is another country, you know), we had to keep things more local. Not that 'local' means any less beautiful/exciting/adventurous...

     After doing a little internet browsing, our destination of choice was  Tilal Liwa Hotel, which we highly recommend to anyone looking for a little R&R, peace and quiet, the place is a true gem!

 signs along the way... it?
 in the desert

 the hotel's reception area
 little bit of heaven
 hungry much? :D

 then there is this...dipping into that pool might as well be the only reason to go there!
swimming...with an interesting background  :D
 there are quite a few entertainment opportunities, like dune bashing...

 ...camel riding... WHOA!? Ismael went first and proved to be a real champ :)

 Nina was just a liiittle bit terrified...just a little!

 ...then she 'sailed' peacefully into the sunset
 THAT sunset, in case you were wondering...
 she almost got used to it by the end
 then it was time for the real experts to show how it's done
 Wheeeeeeee...into the sunset again
 Yup, you can bet I was instagraming it...
...seeee?  :D
 ...and there goes hubby, to close the whole deal...

 Finally, time to chillax... Oh wait, a quad bike?!

 FINALLY, time to relax...
 well, don't relax too much...
Strawberry Margaritas will always be my favorite way to end a day! (or night)

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