Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ferrari World

    As my husband was working for the first part of Nina & Ismael's vacation, we left a lot of the things to do in the second part. We ended up having a bit of a stressful week because of it, but we also had a lot of fun and experienced a lot of cool things one after the other. Ferrari World on Yas Island is one of those things. We unfortunately  went on a weekend day, so it was a bit more crowded than it could have been, but fun nonetheless...

     Going to the Formula Rossa (the fastest roller coaster in the world, with a top speed of 240km/h) took the longest time as it's the highlight of the entire amusement park and everybody wants a ride. Some of the other things were pretty cool as well, like the V12 ride through the Ferrari engine with all the appropriate sounds and some serious water splashing or, my personal favorite, the Speed of Magic, which is a 4D fantasy race, complete with sophisticated simulators that challenge all your senses. We quickly found a way to entertain ourselves during all those waiting lines, by playing a few rounds of 'Who am I?', which added to the fun of the day.

    It's definitely worth a go, but we'll probably try to get there during the week, as we'll be able to ride more than once...

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