Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First guests in Abu Dhabi!

     The moment has arrived and past, we have received our beloved guests, Nina and Ismael, for the first time in our new home... We were so excited and managed to put together a 2km long list of to-do's. We just wanted to show them everything, including a lot of the things that we have waited to do ourselves, just so we can share with them!

     Against the odd times when it was a bit stressful to stick to a 'schedule', we had fun and enjoyed every minute spent together from morning till late at night!

     I have so much to share here on the blog, to journal our experiences and make sense of how these two weeks have went so fast...

 we caught the fireworks from the F1 finale...

 got ourselves a nice mani/pedi
 and then, just like any other normal person who cheated fall weather... we went to the pool! :)


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