Sunday, November 17, 2013


    Hello everyone!

    We've had some quite eventful couple of weeks here in Abu Dhabi, after receiving our first guests, Nina and Ismael.

     This is something that we have been talking about since before we've even settled in and we all looked forward to them being here with us! You can imagine how excited we were to see this moment finally arrived!

     Nina and Ismael are family, but above all that, they are our best friends. Our closest people. We've always been together, shared everything with each other and cared for one another!

    It meant a lot for my husband and I to have them in our new home for the very first time and show them  where we live. That may explain the two week straight full program that we've had. We did so many things together, most of them being first time experiences for us as well... It was a truly fun, exciting and most enjoyable time and the 2000 pictures I took stand proof of that!

     I feel I am so behind posting on the blog and have so much new material to share, but until I sort everything out, I will begin with my Instagram feed, which looked pretty cool these last weeks!

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