Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide

     It wouldn't be December without thinking of gifts for all the loved ones. I am very happy and kind of proud of the fact that my husband and I got a head start on this and almost finished our Christmas shopping! A whole 3 weeks ahead of Christmas...that must be some sort of record.
    For all of those who may be feeling uninspired, here are a few things that found their way on my little wishlist. Let the Holidays begin! :)

 Most of these images I found on Pinterest and they serve as inspiration only...
  1. There is no news that I am a huge fan of 'cinema' popcorn, so this idea definitely has my vote!
  2. I always thought those passport covers look really classy
  3. Fondue! Uh, or melted chocolate...Yummm!
  4. I really love exploring film photography and these little disposable cameras have become my new best friends!
  5. We already have a globe at home (the regular,blue kind), but I think the top of our shelves would look so cute if it would get a brother or sister (of a different color) :D
  6. Whenever we used to go in the countryside in Germany, I loved playing a good game of memory. (the grown-up kind, no ponies and cartoon characters)
 My husband and I take pride in our growing Live Concert DVD collection, so adding these(or any other cool artists) would be awesome!
  1. Pink Floyd
  2. Tina Turner

Soooo...we have a big-a** wall in our living room, that is pretty much empty as our little photo frames from our little Munich apartment, don't do much of a good job covering...
That is why I thought it would be great to add some prints to the mix. These are all from, but I think their selection is way beyond the ones I have selected for my post!

There you have it! A small part of my comprehensive wish list, revealed! :D

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