Saturday, December 14, 2013

On the Gugu Boat

     We came to the end of Nina&Ismael's vacation, with an event that I think was just the cherry on top. The salsa boat party organized by Salsa Caribe, in Dubai. This is an amazing group of people, doing their thing on the Salsa scene and doing it right! They are nice, fun and open-minded and it's a pleasure being amongst them. So this event couldn't have been a better match, before our guests returned to good, cold Germany!

     The day started with a bit of skepticism as far as the weather goes, because going out in Abu Dhabi, we realized we are on the verge of a typhoon instead of a beautiful sunny day, fit for a boat ride!

     As we made our way towards Dubai, a sense of relief came over us as the sun conquered the windy-sandy-cloudy mess of a weather which was soon completely behind us.

     So off we went to embark on the Gugu Boat and enjoy our Caribbean-style party! 

this last picture courtesy of Sherif Salem

     We were more than happy to have our dear Nina&Ismael in Abu Dhabi(and Dubai), as we were always used to sharing our lives with them. This time, we tried to share as much as we could from the new lifestyle and surroundings we have in our home. 

     There is plenty more to do and see, so we are already looking forward to their next visit!

     Until then, there will be more traveling for all of us, sharing and caring over the fast-approaching Winter Holidays, which I am really looking forward to. 

     It will definitely be a fun switch of imagery here on my little blog, as we are about to trade palm trees, beaches and t-shirt weather, for gloves, hats and Christmas trees! :)


LifeofNinul said...

oh what a lovely post you have here ) thank you once again, and we will have to come back :)

toytulip said...

I hope you will! :D

Laura Bush said...

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