Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This month...

...I will...
  • read - the stack of books that raised my interest seems to be getting bigger and bigger...
  • buy some more orchids (which I love-love-love)
  • bake something each week
  • participate more in all the various cultural acts going on in the city
  • spend time by the pool (it's not too hot, it's just perfect)
  • pick up where I left off with the training sessions
  • start, or at least register for some of the classes I've been meaning to take (arabic, photography/Photoshop, make-up tutotials,etc)
  • keep this lovely house of ours clean (sometimes things just spin out of control!)
  • have a fresh vegetable/fruit juice once a day (almost)
  • FINALLY, install some art/prints on our poor walls
  • get more use out of my disposable camera

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