Monday, February 3, 2014

Sweet Yasmine

     Observing babies as they discover the world around them is indeed something magnificent. The way they get distracted by sounds and lights or the way they touch and feel everything around them, driven by curiosity and eagerness to learn, the surprising things that actually entertain them, like keys, remote controls, a piece of paper, a cardboard box... There is nothing cuter!

      The last time we were in Germany, around Christmas, we met our wonderful godparents, who are  the proud parents of baby Yasmine.  I know people often say this about their own, but she is such a good and smart little girl! Not to mention she's got the most magnetic eyes. Absolutely beautiful!  She is certainly going to do some damage when she grows up!  :P

     Now let me tell you... a sweet baby girl trying lemon...and then asking for more! Now that is the cutest thing I've ever seen!  :)

     Such a sweet little angel!


Elena C. said...

Ce tare e faza cu lamaia!!...Ai prins momentele perfect,nici ca se putea mai bine:)

toytulip said...

E atat de frumoasa si dulcica! Chiar si cand se stramba acolo din cauza acrelii!! :D :D :D

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