Saturday, February 1, 2014

This month...

     This is not your regular February image...Except it is, because here where we live, temperatures are around 23-27 degrees, perfect for strolling around markets, picnics in the park, volleyball at the beach, open air concerts and drinks with friends on balconies with amazing views...
     I will try not to rub it too much in the faces of all of my dear friends experiencing regular winter time back in Europe and I'll move on to my to do list for the month of February...

I will...
  • keep up the good workouts, they seem to start paying off  :D
  • juice all kinds of green goodies 
  • get a haircut - it's been long overdue 
  • buy tickets to some great concerts coming up
  • read...I didn't do so well on this one last month, but I am hoping to catch up
  • FINALLY, install some art/prints on our poor walls
  • plan our vacations - we've got a couple of great ideas
  •  start, or at least register for some of the classes I've been meaning to take (arabic, photography/Photoshop, make-up tutorials,etc) *this one is another copy-paste from last month,as I didn't really comply  :/
  • plan on having my blog (re)designed
  • clean our windows
  • make some new friends 
  • try more restaurants and bars in Abu Dhabi
  • go salsa dancing
  • take more pictures!
  • figure out life & happiness 

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