Tuesday, February 4, 2014

To Read :

     I love books! And bookshops! And spending time in bookshops picking out books!
The entire process just gives me imense pleasure. Bringing home a brand new book or two... The thrill of the unknown story inside those covers... I love it all. Good that we've got that out of the way!  :)

     When I finally got to have my own home, meaning not just a room in my parents house, the first thing that got me really excited was the thought of putting together my own little collection of books to read and love and leave behind for my future generations.

     This should be a no biggie, you go to the bookstore, pick up the books you want, pay up and go home to install them nicely on the brand new shelves. The thing is, I made a silly little promise that I would only have books that I have read on my shelves. I didn't want to have shelves that look good, but totally meaningless in content, so I would have to read all of the books that I put in there. Well, this worked for a little while...I was getting new books, read them, put them away on the shelves, sometimes I would cheat a little and get books that I have already read, but really waned to have in my collection, books I thought my husband might want to read or might be of use to my future children...

     Then at one point it all stopped working, cos it seemed to me that my bookshelves weren't filling up fast enough, not to mention that I have been known to reward myself with brand new shiny books every once in a while, after a bad day... some women get makeup and shoes, I get books and pretty new notebooks. Ok... Ok...and flowers, drawing tools, fruits, mani/pedi's, bedsheets, DVD's, ice cream, etc... But that's just me!

     So as you might imagine...with the time, my collection of books, although still small,  took a really nice shape. I am quite proud of it. BUT, there are way too many books in there that I didn't get to read yet. So this year, I will do my best to read some. I don't have a crazy number in mind like 30 or 50 (some people do!), but I think I will just start off with these lovely titles right here:

     It's quite a mix! Just the way I like it!   :D

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