Monday, March 31, 2014


     My Instagram feed has been hyperactive the last few weeks, especially since my mom wanted to share her vacation with our entire hometown, following on Facebook.

     It was fun to say the least!

The Miracle Garden

     When I first saw the images on the website, the first thought I had was 'this is definitely Photoshop'. Or at least some weird optical illusion...

     No way something like this could exist in the middle of the desert. I was so intrigued. The drive there took a little longer than I thought, plus Dubai has a pretty intricate highway system, but we made it and couldn't believe our eyes. The garden is huge!

     There are 44 types of flowers and over 45 million individual plants. You have to see it to understand, but let me just say, it fully deserves its name!

Boat ride

      One of the many surprises we had planned for my mom was an actual boat ride. I contacted the very nice people from Captain Tony's and immediately booked the sunset cruise. The weather wasn't perfect, so our sunset wasn't as spectacular as it could have beeen, but we had a ton of fun and enjoyed the experience nevertheless!

     We went around one f the islands surrounding Abu Dhabi, got to see an ostrich farm, Arabian gazelles roaming free, wild ducks, military bases and the sky-high buildings from afar. We also saw our little residential compound and enjoyed the different perspective.

     It was really nice, perfect timing and all. We got back to the Yas Marina just in time to appreciate the grandeur  of Yas Viceroy Hotel being all lit up, looking fancy!

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