Sunday, March 2, 2014


     ...I've been feeling uninspired.
I really haven't planned this little break, but I simply felt disconnected from my online space.

      And now I feel bad about it. I don't really know why that is. Maybe the fact that I woke up realizing that it is already the 2nd of March and I have missed my regular 'This month' post. Or it could be the fact that sometimes I simply have nothing interesting to say. Putting that sentence out there is a bit scary to me. Am I that uninteresting?

     Luckily I have come to my senses. New month, fresh start, right?
In the past couple of weeks I tried my hardest to take my camera along and document what we've been up to, so there will be some retrospective posts in the following days.

    I was also busy planning and dreaming up my future...a few really great ideas have come up, but I am not yet ready to share... Except, my Pinterest board might be speaking for me...

     Aaah...and then there are the plans I have for this little space... As far as I am concerned, my blogging is always going to be hobby-level, but since I have been doing it for some time now, I decided I should invest in it's appearance. I have absolutely no clue as to how this works, but there is a long list of design ideas, inspiration and a couple of talented people I have in mind for the job. We will see how this will come out.

     Speaking of blogging...I would like to try posting regularly, maybe Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays? Of course, I won't be shying away if inspiration strikes on a Sunday morning, but I think having a goal set in mind will help me stay focused on shaping up my space nicely and maybe even getting some followers... I mean somenone other than my best friends and family!   :D  No offense friends and family!!  :D :D

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