Thursday, March 27, 2014

Me no likey!

     After another little hiatus (was busy living life), I am back! I have a lot to say too... plenty of photographic evidence from the vacation my mom spend with us in Abu Dhabi.

     Until then however, here you have a rather negative post, because I am back in Germany and the weather was cold and gloomy or maybe just because such was my mood today. It's very random, actually! A few things that make me...unhappy:
  • being stuck in a place full of smokers
  • when the hairstylist cuts way more off my hair than requested
  • although I am also guilty of this, labeling people (emo, greedy, looser, gay, white, Muslim, etc.)
  • hearing mostly bad news about my own country
  • people who say inappropriate things
  • animal cruelty
  • feeling misunderstood
  •  when the trailer clip is so far off from the actual movie
  • mess
  • lack of communication
  • disappointing the people close to me
  • wasting food
  • feeling useless

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