Thursday, March 13, 2014

My mom is visiting!! (Insta-moments)

      I was so excited in the last couple of weeks, planning and preparing all the things I want to show my mom about this wonderful new place I live in. Abu Dhabi and the neighbouring Dubai are truly wonderful lands to visit and there is soooo much to experience!

     And the moment has finally arrived. My mom embarked on the second and longest plane ride of her life, leaving her fears behind to be reunited with her child.  :)   
     We were all a little nervous, since she doesn't really speak English (although she understands a lot!), but she did great! It was a pretty smooth  trip for her, that she actually enjoyed. Which only made me happy, because traveling is such a wonderful way to enrich life and I wish she had more of it.
     I will leave you now with some snaps I took with my phone on the very first day, when I showed her the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Emirates Palace, The Souk and ...the mall.

     So far she is amazed by our surroundings and I am sure her impressions are only going to get better and better with everything we have planned for the next 2 weeks. Looking forward to it! :)

 got my fix of Romanian magazines!!!

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