Tuesday, April 29, 2014

B-day wishlist!

     My birthday is coming soon. Less than a week, actually. May 4th. 29 years old. That's 1 short of 30, ya know...?

     My mom  made sure it was a special day for me growing up and when my mom wasn't around after I first moved to Germany, I always had my husband and friends to make me feel equally special and loved. So if there was one thing I really wish for, is this... That I had my family and friends close by. There is nothing like being 6000km away from all of them, to really put things in perspective.

     Sure, we must always welcome a new year of life, as it is a blessing that we receive it, but I must  say, this one feels a little off.  29!  What is 29 supposed to feel like?

      22, I understand...27...sure! I think I even understand 30 and everything else that may come after that. But the place I am in right now feels strangely  unfamiliar.

     Figuring things out is something everyone must face, weather they do it alone or, in my case, were lucky enough to find someone to figure things out together. I feel like I am somewhere in between the youngster that I was and the adult that i am should be. Maybe that is why this age feels so awkward. There are too many undetermined parts.

     So many different feelings and thoughts, confidence and maturity, delight, anxiety, stress, joy, freedom, wishfullness, accomplishment, confusion, gratefulness...all sorts of mixed emotions. No wonder the entire world is crazy!

     I feel this post going down the rabbit hole, so I am going to wrap it up. I can tell you this much: I am beginning to see more and more of who I am as an adult, I learned to be proud of myself and finally knowing exactly what I want is such a relief.

    And I couldn't have just ended it in such a monotonous way...I did mention my birthday coming up, so here are a few things I've put together on a wish-list board!
    I am not even going to be modest about it. But that is just me!   :D

  1. A KitchenAid Mixer, cos baking...duuuh!
  2. This Vince Camuto bag that I eyed at the Dubai Mall, but didn't buy...
  3. Yes...that is right...We are getting ready for summer over here in Abu Dhabi and that means a lot of indoor time. Bring it on!
  4. After shortening my hair and getting rid of the 'bun', there is nothing else I need more than this!
  5. Now this here is just self-explanatory! I love me some film cameras! 
  6. I was set on making a little collection of differently designed globes, but so far only got 1.
  7. The best eye makeup remover. EVER!
  8. There must be something for that makeup remover to remove, right? This mascara is one of the best I've used!
  9. Never thought I would like these...but after making a trendy comeback in the fashion world, I am convinced that I have to have my own pair of Birks...especially if they are yellow!
  10. I actually tried these on when I was in Germany but my size wasn't available. Sooo comfy!
There you have it! :)

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