Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beautiful Celebration

     Although we always come back home with a happy heart, this time it was extra special, as the main reason was attending the wedding ceremony of our Nina and Ismael. There was no way we could have missed such a great event in their lives. Our best friends and our family...

     They managed to put together a really great day, planned everything in exquisite detail, from our breakfast together, hairdresser appointments, a few wedding related chores, like picking up the bouquet, a quick photo shoot in the Englischer Garten with the family that was present at the ceremony, a beautiful lunch and then a small party with friends, colleagues and relatives. It was perfect!

     The ceremony itself was, as it should be, full of emotions, a few hidden tears, laughter and excitement. In the end, the thing that stayed with me from the entire day, was the all around happiness, the smiles on their faces, the loving glances they shared when they thought no one was noticing, the quick, but comforting touches they gave each other and the complete confidence in which they became husband and wife. There was definitely love in the room. Their love for each other, our love for them, the love towards our own spouses, the love of a great family, coming together.

     I am so happy to have them in my life! They are the best family we could have ever asked for. I will forever be grateful and happy to share everything with them!

     Congratulations on your marriage, dear Nina and Ismael! May you always find in each other the strength, love, laughter and happiness that only perfect partners ever share!


LifeofNinul said...

Thank you dearest Andreea! It made me tear up, I swear. We love you so much and so happy you were there so share it with!
Hopefully we will always be there for each other no matter what!


toytulip said...

It really was a beautiful day! I am so proud of you guys and us too, for the way we stuck together! I meant every word! So happy to share my life with you! :)

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