Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quick trip: Barcelona / City life

     I know... I know...  It seems I have been drowning my blog with all the photos of our European trip (not done yet). What am I supposed to do  if I felt really inspired to take pictures and the cities I have visited are so great! How could I not share all of that?

     It doesn't mean I haven't been actually thinking about other things...I have a ton of topics in my head that are queuing to find a place on my blog, so I promise I'll get to them.

     This is probably my last post documenting our 2 days in Barcelona. It's the only explanation for  the photo dump that is about to happen.  I absolutely loved walking around. It is such a lively place to be in, there is something interesting to see at every corner and the people are super fun and friendly. Must. Go. Back. Soon.


 if this table and chair ensemble is not cool, I don't know what is...  :D

 the weather we had was unbelievable!

 music and dance everywhere

 loved our picnic in the park! it's a definite must-do for anyone visiting!

 this fellow was shamelessly exposed...so I gave him a helping hand!
 in the window of a souvenir shop
 everyone was enjoying the weather
 I kid you not...this was the queue to the Picasso museum...maybe free entrance wasn't such a great idea after all...
 finding our way around
 walk.walk.walk.walk.walk.walk.walk all around the city!

 one way or another, we will always find our way to salsa dancing!

 La Rambla was ...interesting to say the least, but waaay too crowded for our liking.
 ahm.... mooooooooo!?!

 Barcelona Cathedral was such a beautiful, peaceful place!
 I do wish those neon Nike's weren't in this picture...
I have one last word for you: TAPAS!

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