Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quick trip: Barcelona

     Our little trip to Barcelona wasn't exactly planned in a timely manner... it was more like a spontaneous, last minute decision. You know, that is just the way we like it!

     Put that together with a Lufthansa pilots strike, a cancelled flight, the prospect of only getting half our trip refunded in the event of complete cancellation,  a change in schedule and a very early flight out of Munich... You get the picture... I was in total zombie mode when I got there. BUT I loved Barcelona!!!

     I totally fell in love with the architecture...this is one good looking city. I may or may not have taken 1200 pictures in 2 days... The energy there was just amazing! It felt young and positive. There is so much to do... apart from the touristy must-see locations, there are so many cafes, tapas restaurants, little alleys, parks, street artists, music and a ton of sunshine.

     One thing I would always advise people is to try to blend in with the locals, see where they live and hang out...It always gives such an adequate and authentic experience. This applies to any destination, after checking the 'must-see' items off your list, try getting a better feel of the city, maybe even making new friends. Our time was pretty limited, so the way we managed to do that, was by essentially walking everywhere and asking people around. We gave a good practice to our Spanish knowledge (Dear Lord!) and figured our way through this big city!

     Since we were 6 persons, this is the apartment we booked, which was awesome! The location was perfect, it was in one of those beautiful old buildings, lots of space and equipped with everything you could need. Although we didn't get much sleep the night before and got there really early, we decided to go out straight away and explore the city.

     We started things off nicely with a quick breakfast somewhere along the Av. Diagonal. We found bikinis in the menu so we all ended up ordering that (no  worries, it is just a cheese and ham toasted sandwich), plus the best orange juice and some cappuccinos for the coffee drinkers...

     After a quick stroll, we headed to the nearest metro station and made our way to Park Güell. It was no surprise to me that every single beggar and metro performer was of Romanian nationality... Not sure what I am supposed to say about that or why did I even mention it in the first place, but unfortunately these are the people that make up most of my country's reputation. As far as I am concerned, Spain has bigger issues than Romanian beggars, so we gooood!  :D    #proudmoment #keepingitreal

      On a more positive note, I loved all the little businesses that people keep in Barcelona, the grocery shops, hairdressers, clothing boutiques, flower shops, I think that it's so much nicer than always having to shop in the big supermarkets.

     Park Güell is pretty amazing, so there will be a separate post about it, coming soon!

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