Saturday, May 31, 2014

Back into the future.

     When I was a little girl, this was the view from my window. This tower block seemed like the tallest building ever to be conquered and it definitely had a shine to it. I had many friends who lived there, as well as all the other 3-4 buildings around, which formed our play ground... And boy did we know how to play... hide and seek, jumping rope, cops and thieves, family role play and various fun games that I can not name in the English language. ('flori, fete si baieti', 'telefonul fara fir', 'fazan' , 'tara,tara vrem ostasi', etc.). I had a wonderful childhood here. 

     There are a few memories so vivid in my mind, as if they had happened yesterday! The old, gipsy lady we could hear from afar, coming to sell us pumpkin and sunflower seeds, that we would then awkwardly chew on  and leave a terrible mess behind. The time we all bought paper wind vanes and we were twirling them around in the sunset light. Receiving my very first kiss (I was seven!) from the cutest, blondest boy, after being chased for a looong time. Stealing the barely ripe fruits of a fig tree, then being yelled at by the shoemaker it belonged to. That one time we were racing snails up the wall. The pure happiness when we would all sleigh down the ramp in the winter, one after the other, red cheeks and frozen smiles. All the bumps and bruises... Yes! I most certainly had a beautiful childhood here!

     The following is a set of pictures I took, with no other intent but to capture a little bit of innocence. This adorable little nugget is my first cousin's daughter my second cousin or my niece??, Eliza. She has such a great personality, happy, smart and very determined, loving, but mostly towards her own mommy.

     It makes me so happy to look at the pictures containing 4 generations of women in my family. I hope and pray to be adding to that soon enough. Until then, this is where I come from... These are the women that birthed, raised, played with, educated, formed and thought me everything it takes to be a good human being. They are beautiful!

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