Friday, June 27, 2014

I wish I were...

  •     a person that read all the books in their library
  •     someone active, that joggs, goes paddle boarding or at least owns a bicycle
  •     a woman that cooks delicious meals effortlessly
  •     and bakes...Yes, I would definitely like to bake!
  •     a woman that can say for sure she fits into a certain style
  •     it would also be nice if I could do my hair and make-up beyond a bun and mascara
  •     a person that travels's a biiig world out there
  •     preoccupied with the real issues of the world and do my part to fix them
  •     a teacher of some sort
  •     self-reliable. independent. admirable
  •     someone who truly believes in their own strengths
  •     following my passions in a pro-active way
  •     owning a dog  
  •     keeping up with what's new
  •     capable of growing a garden (a small one)
  •     working towards my personal goals
  •     learning more of everything
  •     fluently speaking several languages that I played with on and off for years
  •     getting involved in various activities (cultural, educational, creative, charitable)
  •     doing a better job at keeping in touch with family and friends
  •     less pretentious and demanding
  •     setting up a good example for others
  •     keeping old traditions and making new ones
  •     a better support to my husband
  •     celebrating more often
  •     showing my appreciation instead of just taking things for granted
  •     documenting the things that are going on in OUR lives. Just because they are ours.
  •     feeling prouder of myself, my origins, my accomplishments.
     I wasn't really sure how this post would look like, but in the end, I just went with the simplest way and put it in the form of a list. A list of things I wish I could accomplish. A list to acknowledge that there is always room to do better. A list to remind me that there is always work to be done and slowing down, though it may be healthy sometimes, should only be a rest-stop before heading straight ahead full force all over again. 

    Oh, and a cute, old picture of baby me!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Romania in April

     I found these pictures from back when I was home in Romania and since i am not doing anything else that may be interesting these days, I decided to share them.

     As it seems, whenever I do manage to get back, the thing that gets me most excited is being with my mom, at home, getting spoiled with all kinds of goodies, reminiscing the old days when I was a child or started rebelling in my teenage years... It always ends up with a good laugh!

     Here you have some snaps I took, representing 'home' or at least a part of it. We have some pretty flowers, good food (it was around Easter time), my mom's fresh looking garden, the pretty sky...

   I am so looking forward to going back there in August. Even better that my husband will be able to join me. Sharing is caring!!



Sunday, June 1, 2014


This month...

  I will:
  • be more purposeful with my time
  • start Arabic classes
  • eat healthy
  • watch old movies / Romanian movies
  • bake
  • post on the blog regularly
  • keep working out 3x a week
  • stick to the plan!
  • make sushi
  • learn to make videos
  • go to a photography workshop
  • meet new people
  • reeeaaaad!
  • visit some place new

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