Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Romania in April

     I found these pictures from back when I was home in Romania and since i am not doing anything else that may be interesting these days, I decided to share them.

     As it seems, whenever I do manage to get back, the thing that gets me most excited is being with my mom, at home, getting spoiled with all kinds of goodies, reminiscing the old days when I was a child or started rebelling in my teenage years... It always ends up with a good laugh!

     Here you have some snaps I took, representing 'home' or at least a part of it. We have some pretty flowers, good food (it was around Easter time), my mom's fresh looking garden, the pretty sky...

   I am so looking forward to going back there in August. Even better that my husband will be able to join me. Sharing is caring!!



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