Wednesday, August 13, 2014

In Oman

    We left off in Ramadan, speaking about breaking fast in the evenings and how much beautiful food there was everywhere. Soon after, the month of Ramadan came to a close and the Eid celebration brought us some free days. Not that the Ramadan schedule was too much to handle, but nevertheless some very well appreciated free days.

     After a long time debating it, we finally decided to jump in our car and make the drive to our neighbors in Oman. Muscat was only supposed to be a 5h drive, which took us somewhere around 7 with a few stops along the way. We enjoyed every second of it! Don't know why it was so hard for us to just decide to go!

     We booked a room through, at the exquisite Al Bustan Palace, Ritz Carlton Hotel. And if you were wondering, yes, it does look as awesome in real life as in the pictures from the site!

    It took us a while to get used to the fact that there is a totally different approach to vacationing in the UAE (and neighboring countries), as opposed to vacationing in Europe. What they lack here in history and authenticity, they compensate in lavish establishments, extraordinary infrastructure, lush landscaping and luxurious locations. Hotels and resorts usually become the main entertainment provider for their guests, covering quite a large palette of needs one may have.  They become a vacation in their own!

    That being said, Oman was a nice surprise for us, by comparison to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Much, much greener, slightly cooler temperatures, more history to learn about, older establishments and rather modest locals.

      All in all, it was a perfect little trip and we enjoyed it even more knowing it will probably be one of our last vacations as a twosome!  :)

     Obviously I could not fit all the beautiful pictures in one post, not to mention I usually prefer to have them all chronologically,  so there will be some more coming right up!

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