Saturday, September 6, 2014

A baby shower

     Here I went prepared for a 'dinner with the girls', when the girls surprised me with...a baby shower.  I know people normally do this in the last months of pregnancy, but considering I am so far away and won't be returning  to Munich until after the birth of our child, the girls planned this out at our half-way mark.

     I was really surprised and thrilled that they were so considerate and nice to do this for me. We had pretty decorations made by my friend Ana, great food and snacks courtesy of Nina, who planned and hosted our evening,  cupcakes, flowers and the cutest gifts. Sara prepared the baby-food-tasting game, which I was not very eager to try out, but ended up being fun and actually tasty. Paulina brought a match-the-child-to-its-celebrity-parents sheet, at which I got the most matches (talk about having a lot of time on my hands), Mary was there too and we had my mother in law with us for the evening, which I was really happy about. :) We laughed a lot, told stories, discussed baby issues and facts. We had a really enjoyable evening together!

     There is no way around repeating myself, so I must say it again... We have the best friends one could ever wish for!
     I appreciate them all so much for the effort they put into making me feel good, the way they come together every time and the joy I see on their faces when we meet! Thanks guys! You know I love you!   :)


Paulina said...

Ohhh it was such a fun evening! I wish I could have ben there more while you were in Munich, but I loved seing you!

toytulip said...

I loved seeing you too Paulina!! ;) We will keep in touch! Why else do we all have blogs and Facebook and whatsapp, if not for long distance relationships like ours! :D :D :D

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