Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A simple stroll...

     A simple stroll through the city I once called home, something I have done several times before, suddenly felt different. A bouquet of happy flowers, a flavorful chai latte in front of an opened window, people watching. This all gave me a weird sense of presence. I am here. Now.

     For a little moment I felt so aware of myself and the joy I feel. I am 29 years old. Pregnant with my first. Living a wonderfully satisfying life. Sharing it all with the best human there might be in the world. Traveling constantly with ease. Knowing the best people to call friends. Always looking back to the most wonderful memories that link us to these places. And constantly looking up to where the next memorable situations, locations, people, sensations and feelings may be!

     These little thoughts I managed to put down in my phone, made me feel so thankful and happy. But then I easy it is to forget to stop and feel this. Be present. And enjoy the little things...

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