Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I am a Mother.

     I will be a mother. We will be parents. Wait, actually... I am a mother. We are already parents. I can tell, because my heart is already filling with this new love. A different love, the kind that makes me really understand things I already thought I understood and smile with my whole being, with a warmth I didn't know existed!

     We are somewhere between week 23 and 24, according to the Dr's measurements. So far I have been truly blessed with an uncomplicated pregnancy.

     The first trimester was a bit restless for me. I am guessing that comes naturally when having a rainbow baby, but I tried my best to wait it out patiently and not over-worry. Didn't really have any severe symptoms, except for some nausea, usually late in the evenings, tiredness and the bloatiness, which showed up around week 8 and made sure that I feel as uncomfortable as first trimesters should feel like!

     One thing that took me by surprise was the fact that I pretty much lost my appetite. Here I imagined I would be so hungry all the time that I would have to fight the chocolate, ice-cream and puff-pastry demons with all my strength, but nope. I had to try as much as I could to put anything in my belly. And it wasn't because of nausea, I was simply not feeling hungry at all!

    Although I created pretty healthy food habits before I got pregnant, like juicing, having a good breakfast of granola, yoghurt and berries and such, it all went to sh*t, when I realized that cocoa pops and milk were better than...well...nothing at all. So I went with whatever I could swallow.

    As far as cravings go, I never felt any extreme desires in the middle of the night, but I also spoiled myself with whatever sounded good to me: hand made potato-chips, mac and cheese, corn on the cob with salt, tomatoes with salt, pickles...yes! I fell into the cliche of ordering an extra side of pickles in the restaurant... So sue me!

     The extreme bloatiness I mentioned before, pushed me to buy maternity jeans and a few dresses, because there was just no way I was going to be comfortable in my old ones for much longer, which felt a little weird so early in my pregnancy. But the thing is, once I befriended the Destination Maternity shop, especially during sale time, there was no going back. I could not understand what all the women were talking about avoiding purchasing maternity clothing, because it was in no way more expensive than my normal clothes (even cheaper I might add) and my God, are those fabrics soft and cuddly...  I don't know what is going to stop me from buying there even after I am done with my pregnancy!  :D

     I also started applying natural shea butter all over my belly, in the hopes that it will keep things nice, moisturized and elastic.  Nobody wants to get any new stretchmarks...

     By the 12th week I felt a bit reassured and told our family and close friends. They were all so happy and excited for us! Week 14 was when I started feeling really well. A lot more energized, out went nausea and in came my appetite. At around week 16 we found out it's a girl! :)

      Girl, is what my first instinct told me, but then I was so afraid that I might be disappointed if it turns out to be a boy, that I kept trying to convince myself it is a boy. So I started browsing all the aisles covered in blue, looking at all the little tractor toys, balls and training shoes. It wasn't until I heard the Dr. say it's a girl, that I thought... I really gotten used to the thought that I am having a boy...  It took a few good hours to get into the idea that I will be mother to a girl!! I will get to guide and help form a future woman!

     At around 18 weeks we made our public announcement on social media, for all our friends to know. I was overwhelmed by everyone's response, congratulations and well wishes. That is the moment when it felt so real and it became a sure thing.

     I also felt an urge to inform myself about, well, everything from birthing to infant care, to the best and most useful gadgets. Books, websites, blogs, name it I've looked into it!  I will leave it for another post, but let me just say... the amount of information out there and the variation in opinions is absolutely overwhelming!

     We also went on a little baby moon, just us two and traveled to Oman for a few days. I just cant comprehend  the thought that after January we will never ever, ever be alone! 

     At around week 19, we geared up for our longer travel back to Europe to spend some quality time with our families and all our great friends. That's a long story that is still unfolding on my blog as I manage to go through all the pictures we took!

     The latest news consist of our little cookie moving in there all the time! Feeling her is the biggest reassurance ever and it always makes me smile! Her daddy finally got to feel her with his hand, otherwise I thought he will say I am crazy. She played a little hide and seek with him, as every time he would reach out to my belly she would stop moving all together.

     My nesting instincts also kicked in and I already bought most of her newborn clothes. I am also ready to prepare her little corner in our bedroom, as well as slowly acquiring all the basic items. Still debating some of the stuff I saw on other moms lists of necessities for baby, but I hope we will end up making the best choices in the end. The ones to help, support and ease our life once our baby is here!

The picture above resulted from today's ultrasound, when I got to ask a bunch of questions about the delivery procedure here in Abu Dhabi, got all my Dr's recommendations and most importantly saw that our little girl is just fine! I think it's today that I really fell in love with her and I felt my heart expand, just like they say!

     I am so so excited about this journey we are on and I am looking forward to meeting her come January!
     There will definitely be more pregnancy updates as I am trying to document this very precious time in my life. I will try to share my thoughts, challenges and joys. There is nothing more important than having a little piece of time standing still with these words, pictures and videos. We will surely be grateful later on!

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