Monday, September 22, 2014

Taking stock 01

Making : lists! lists for grocery shopping, lists for to-do's, lists for to buy's
Cooking : recipes found on Pinterest. I am constantly out of ideas lately, so this has been a major      source of inspiration for me!
Drinking : juices and smoothies...I've been slacking on this healthy habit and am trying to get back into it!
Reading: mostly baby related books, websites, blogs...
Wanting: to sort out all the baby stuff, before I am too big and tired to do so.
Looking: forward to birthing classes and getting in touch with other parents to be
Playing: mostly pinning tons of stuff on Pinterest...that counts as playing, right?
Wasting: time...I could be so much more efficient throughout my days. Somebody give me a crown for I am the procrastinating queen!
Sewing: Nothing. Ever.
Wishing: for a natural birth and that this baby girl comes in good health and with no complications.
Enjoying: feeling her kicks all the time.
Waiting: for the weather to cool down just a little bit more, so we can really enjoy some pool time
Liking: where we live. It's always great to go back home to Europe, but coming back here feels like home too!
Wondering: how big is my belly going to get by the end of this pregnancy.
Loving: my husband. Sooooo much!
Hoping: we can make the best decisions for our baby girl
Marveling: at the transformation my body is slowly going through
Needing: a hair curler
Smelling: perfume samples in all of my September magazines
Wearing: flip-flops...I swore I wont be that kind of pregnant woman, yet here I am!
Following: so many bloggers!
Noticing: my priorities shifting.
Knowing: how to change a baby diaper, thanks to a very dear friend from back home.
Thinking: there must be a way to cast my vote for Romania's presidential election this November.
Feeling: more and more confident in myself and my body
Bookmarking: Abu Dhabi based photographers that we may use for a little maternity shoot.
Opening: the refrigerator. Then closing it without picking anything out. I'm a weirdo.
Giggling: every time I look at the latest ultrasound picture of our little baby
Feeling: so happy and at peace!


Paulina said...

Oh so nice Andreea! I can't wait to see the baby's face!!

toytulip said...

Me toooo! I am so excited! Can't it be January already?!? :D

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