Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Romania: Astra Museum

     As I mentioned in my previous post, we spent a lovely half a day at the Astra Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization. The open air museum, spread on 96ha is the largest ethnographic exhibition in Europe. They have traditional homesteads, mills, wooden churches, traditional crafts, etc, from all regions of Romania.

     We were lucky to find a very nice man, working there, who interrupted his regular work to show us around, along with all the proper explanations of everything we saw.  This way we could also speed trough some of the areas and still didn't feel like we were missing out. Unfortunately the area dedicated to traditional crafts, where there is a regular fair  to purchase some traditional products was closed for the that was a bummer. We left thinking about all the honey, jams, cheeses, wooden handwork that we missed, but promised we would be back some other time.

     The natural landscape is such a perfect setting for a peaceful long walk, it was not crowded at all and the few people that we've encountered seemed like they 'belonged'.


Paulina said...

The cutest rabbit ever =)

toytulip said...

It is a really cute rabbit! ;) And I personally loved the rooster too! :)

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