Monday, October 13, 2014

Romania: Alba Iulia

     I finally managed to go through all of our pictures from Europe! So I can now speed things up with posting on the blog about the places we visited. Yuhuuuu!

     Since my mother in law joined us in Romania this time and she has already visited my hometown a couple of times, we decide to take a small trip and show her a few bits of my wonderful country. Didn't have to tell my husband twice, he was all for it, as he really loves the Romanian culture.

     So we decided to rent a car, it had to be a Dacia Duster, so my husband can try it out and drive it around and off we went on our 4 days trip.

     We managed to pack a lot in the short amount of time we had and at times it felt a bit much, but we really enjoyed it!

     We visited Alba Iulia, Sibiel, Sibiu, Sighisoara and Targu Mures. It was a really great round to make and I was happy I could show all of that to my mother in law, complete with the history facts that I knew to share with her.   (could have worked a bit more on that, but oh well...)  :D

     Here are quite a few of the pictures we took in Alba Iulia. I visited the citadel several times as a child, but the changes and renovations it went through lately were more than impressive. I almost didn't recognize the place!

     It made me feel so proud and happy that not only do we have such amazing places in this country, but they are also starting to be well tended to and presented really well. There is no way we couldn't compete with any other place in Europe, with our incredibly rich history, traditions and astonishing  nature!  #proudromanian

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