Friday, October 24, 2014

Romania: Sighisoara

     There are so many memories linking me to this place... In my early youth also known as the crazy rebellious years of my life I've spent several years coming to Sighisoara during the Medieval Festival. It felt magical... Like a huge gathering of great, young people looking to just be...To me it was the definition of 'living on the edge', 'being in the moment', 'embracing rock culture', and at times, being 'young and stupid'. I've met some really interesting people going to this festival year after year, some made a bigger impact on me and some smaller, but I remember them all... I cherish these memories, as well as all my friends from those times with whom I got to share almost everything... I am especially happy to have had all of those experiences and I will most certainly remember them dearly for years to come.

      And now, returning from the realms of nostalgia, here you have a ton and a half of pictures from our day spent in Sighisoara. We climbed up the Clock Tower, which has so much charm, that no matter how many times I visit, it still has a nice feel and I still notice something I have never noticed before... Then we strolled along the narrow streets of the citadel, with the joyfully renovated buildings, with colorful flags hanging everywhere and a multitude of souvenir stands...We made our way up the hill to the old cemetery. I am in no way a morbid person, but it was sooo interesting to see. The aged graves, some still being tended to, some left ruined to the ground. Most of them pertaining to citizens of German descent,  people that lived here such a long time before us. I enjoyed it especially because I didn't think of the dead, but instead I was thinking of the lives these people must have had. How different it must have been in those times and how fascinating their stories would be.

     Though a short stay in what is considered the most beautiful and well preserved inhabited citadel in Europe, it was a great experience. I would go back any time and would definitely reccomend anyone to pay it a visit!

     Another thing worth mentioning is the hotel we stayed in for the night. It was the perfect location, wonderful conditions and a lot of charm!

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