Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Taking stock 02

Making : lots of plans with our guests, arriving in November and December
Cooking : not cooking...we've been eating out a lot (!) (Nando's , Jones the Grocer...yummm)
Drinking : water...with my prenatal vitamins
Reading: haven't been doing much of that this month
Wanting: to finish up all preparations for our baby
Looking: forward to our next ultrasound. I NEED to see this baby girl!   :)
Wasting: food...I keep buying groceries that end up in the trash a week later. Again... Nando's... 
Wishing: I finally send out some emails that are long overdue
Enjoying: buying baby gear
Waiting: for Christmas
Liking: my Nando's chicken! hahaha!
Wondering: if I will ever actually speak Arabic
Loving: the amount of beautiful and inspiring images I find on Pinterest
Hoping: to find a great photographer for our maternity&newborn photo shoot
Marveling: at the amount of baby stuff available in the shops... CRAZY!
Needing: a couple of dresses to get photographed in...   :D
Smelling: the entire rack of perfumes at Sephora. Can't decide on anything that fits me...
Wearing: leggings! Yup! I finally caved in to the all time pregnancy fashion staple!
Following: a bunch of different Instagrammers.
Noticing: the amount of laundry piling up in our bathroom
Knowing: that in 2 1/2 months I will have a baby!  :o
Thinking: that it might be time to hire a cleaning company... I just can't keep up...
Feeling: disappointed that I can't seem to be able to keep our apartment clean
Bookmarking: baby stuff on my Baby Pinterest board
Giggling: with my husband! He does what he does and always gets a smile out of me!


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