Saturday, November 29, 2014

Heritage Village

      UAE is a fairly new land on the history map, celebrating 43 years on December 2nd. Being the youngster that it is and considering the geographical aspect of it, aka the desert, there was not much going on over here in the past... Until they discovered oil, got really rich and started going crazy with everything that means infrastructure, development, architecture and luxury...the things that are now making it very famous worldwide.

     That does not mean that there are no interesting aspects of the short history they do have... and that brings us to the Heritage Village. There is a mosque, barasti house and Bedouin encampment complete with goat-hair tents. You can watch craftsmen at work and study displays of Bedouin jewellery, traditional clothing, cooking utensils and equipment used by pearl divers and merchants. See? Interesting!   :)

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